Why are you here?

My guess is that you are in some kind of psychological pain. Perhaps something happened recently that really disturbed you - like a car accident or rape. Maybe you are aware (or unaware) that present stressors are triggering old, disturbing memories from childhood and causing you to have symptoms such as panic attacks, anger or sadness. Or perhaps you are having a relationship problem with a child, partner, family member or colleague. Perhaps you are unhappy with the present direction of your life or feel isolated and alone. Or you may be suffering from a psychological disorder such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or PTSD.

How I Can Help

Why I can help.

I am an experienced, caring, compassionate, competent therapist. I work with individuals (age 2 and up), couples and families. Because I worked in community clinics for many years, I have treated an unusually wide range of psychological problems. Therefore, I probably have experience working with the kind of difficulties that you are having.

I will go the extra mile for you. I will arrange appointments to accommodate your schedule; help you get resources; do research on your behalf; consult when needed and return calls promptly. I am familiar with psychiatric medications and able to collaborate with your general practitioner or psychiatrist. I will do what it takes to help.

Therapeutic Approaches

About Dr. Resnick

Cecily A. Resnick, PhDWorking as a psychologist is the most interesting and worthwhile profession that I can imagine. I am constantly delving into new aspects of the field and fascinated by learning more about myself and our human species. I became a licensed psychologist in August, 2000 and have worked in community clinics, with Head Start and in private practice since then.

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